Which parts of mobile phone are used for laser marking machine?

Author: zixu marking   Time: 2018/10/09

Which parts of mobile phone are used for laser marking machine?
At the same time, the laser processing technology can not be separated from the mobile phone accessories. At present, the mobile phone processing industry, has been widely used laser processing means, including some personalized needs to meet. From the market point of view, it is imperative to develop a product with clear marking, stable performance, mature technology, small size, easy maintenance and high cost performance.
phone case laser marking machine
Below beyond the laser will give you an analysis of what accessories on the phone need to use laser marking machine radium carving?
Laser marking of transparent cell phone shell
1. mobile phone translucent button
The transparent button made of silica gel has high sensitivity to laser power. The general water-cooled laser marker pulse sequence is unstable, easy to cause uneven marking, affecting the transmission effect. With the end-pumping structure and the pulse controllable technology, a stable pulse sequence can be formed and the light transmission color can be more uniform.
2. hardware decorative film and mobile phone shell
Ultraviolet air-cooled laser marking machine can not only mark LOGO and product information on hardware decorative sheets and shells, but also make mesh effect, wire drawing effect, etc. The lines are more fine and the patterns are more exquisite. In addition, the repetition frequency of the air-cooled laser marking machine with the semiconductor end pump is higher, which can greatly improve the marking speed.
3. charger and battery products.
The LOGO and product information can be marked by the air-cooled laser marking machine with the semiconductor end pump, including the pipeline number, production date and batch number, bar code, two-dimensional code and so on.
phone case laser marking machine
Laser marking of mobile phone frame
If you want to know more or have special needs, you can send samples directly to the Zixu laser marking machine factory for processing samples. Other models include fiber laser marking machine, portable laser marking machine, metal laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, carbon dioxide laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine, pipelined laser marking machine, bar, etc. Two dimensional code marking machine, production date batch number serial number laser marking machine and other laser equipment.
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