Warmly congratulate Zixu Marking machine on its successful exhibition in South Africa

Author: zixu   Time: 2018/11/25

Warmly congratulate Zixu Marking machine on its successful exhibition in South Africa
Chongqing ZIXU marking machine was invited to participate in the exhibition in South Africa and inspect the commerce of various cities in South Africa. Many Chinese manufacturing enterprises participated in the exhibition, bringing China's most advanced manufacturing technology to Africa and strengthening in-depth cooperation with African countries.
This session has five exhibition areas: 3D marking area, production and industrial automation area, laser micro-processing area, metal processing area, laser prospecting area and so on.
laser marking machine exhibition
With the increasing labor costs, only by realizing intelligent manufacturing can China's manufacturing industry develop. Laser technology, as a new manufacturing method, will be more adaptable to the needs. There is reason to believe that.
laser marking machine South Africa
Laser processing technology has matured, including: laser rapid prototyping technology, laser welding technology, laser technology, laser cutting technology, laser marking, laser removal of repeated balance technology, laser etching technology, laser fine-tuning technology, laser storage technology, laser marking technology, laser cleaning technology, laser heat treatment and table Surface treatment technology.
laser marking machine factory
In the past, we participated in Pakistani, Czech, Thai, etc. We will continue to participate in Indian, Russian, Moroccan and Mexican exhibitions. Welcome to visit.
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