Laser Marking Machine China

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/09/29

Laser Marking Machine China
The fiber laser marking machine is a high-tech laser marking machine with small size, long fiber life, low power consumption, high beam quality and fast printing speed. The marking machine is controlled by computer, and the control system is perfectly combined with the marking software. It has simple operation, low failure rate, no influence from harsh environment and temperature change, and simple maintenance. It is a marking equipment with advanced technology and configuration. The closed cabinet better avoids the radiation of laser products and protects the health of the operators.
Application areas:
Laser marking machine
Widely used in auto parts, electronic hardware, gold and silver diamonds, sanitary ware, food packaging, tobacco marking, beer marking, beverage marking, pharmaceutical packaging, medical equipment, glasses and clocks, plastic paper materials and other industries of text, graphics, Bar code, flight code, etc. print.
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