Laser marking machine generated radiation will harm the body?

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2016/09/01

Laser marking machine is no doubt to the development of a number of enterprises to bring the driving force
to become the era of the latest mark effect. But our users want to be able to have a green, safe working environment,
so since the laser marking machine is the mechanical equipment of a, then it with other machines compared whether what kind of damage to human body?
In any work environment work for a long time, if you are not able to rest in a timely manner, also can cause damage,
the popular point, is called occupational disease, as long in front of the computer work, driving the truck, taxi drivers,
and so on, due to the working environment will appear a variety of symptoms. Similar to these circumstances,
the laser marking machine at run time will also produce a certain radiation, but it is worth the rest assured that the
radiation value is even lower than the microwave oven, computer or mobile phone.
Some friends have been working in the operation of laser marking machine, do not pay attention to the laser directly
on the arm, causing burns, for this reason also worried for a period of time. If we encounter such a situation does not
have to be afraid, these lasers are adjusted after the injection of a very narrow bandwidth, so as to mark the time when the lines more beautiful.
Laser hits the skin at the top of the one or two points for a very fine high temperature point of the moment, and does
not appear in the case of cancer. Although the damage caused is not great, but then the pain is still a bit uncomfortable,
in the operation of the laser marking machine still need to pay attention to safety, to avoid the phenomenon of wounding.
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