Which laser is better in China?

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2016/09/01

Fiber laser brand: domestic is Ruike, Chuangxin, has the United States abroad coherent, IPG, SPI, TRUMPF,
JK laser (GSI brand sub company) and so on, according to the customers of our laser to reflect, lasers in the world
can meet the requirements of the majority of customers, the import of the optical fiber laser than domestic better,
but the price is more expensive, if there are special requirements can choose to import products, mainly to see the
budget of your company to what extent, of the fiber lasers out rate of light and durable degree of requirements
and need to choose according to their own devices, and the application of good!
Our company has done a lot of types of laser marking machine, mainly used in the domestic laser, other products have
done a lot of. Can according to customer requirements to produce products, many customers can not afford the high cost.
So choose cheap products, in fact, this is not cost-effective.
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