How to use small power laser marking machine to cut metal

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2016/09/01

At present, the world's fastest growing industry recognized, the most important application of the most
important high-tech is a photoelectric technology, which will become a pillar industry in twenty-first Century.
And in the photoelectric technology, basic technology of laser technology, the laser cutting technology is changing our lives,
life everywhere visible laser cutting has interesting applications, let us work together to take a look at it.
1 laser cutting stereo building block toy
This is brought about by the designer Wes Thomas laser cutting blocks, in cardboard or thin board by laser cutting out the building
blocks of each block components, these components to pull out, spell a lively animals.
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Just as its name implies, it is a business card, and a. This is from Toronto designer Pankowska Dorota creative,
will melt the wax, make a unique creative business card. The font on the business card is in relief form, the silica
gel mould is made by laser cutting, and the outline is clear. See! It can also draw with, is not very cool!
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3 changeable desk lamp
From German studio fifti-fifti creative and changeable lamp (Take-off light shade is two by laser cutting technology
for the processing of paper, we can themselves to decide which places hollow, and where not to move it to create a near infinite light shape to.
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4 wooden keyboard
In fact, science and technology are full of human color. But, these filled with aluminum alloy, retina display of the Digimon who,
still less a little taste of nature, like a gaudy beauty general people difficult to close. Lazerwood design company of wood keyboard
caps (Lazerwood keys to change this, let the warm color of the chilled technology more natural.
The use of walnut or cherry wood material, with the precise laser cutting technology, so that the thin wood chips at least from the
angle of the process can be worthy of the 3C products. Now, this is not like the frozen beauty looks close to a lot?
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Zi Xu hit marking machine, 10 years of foreign trade, product through international certification, do not worry about the quality and
the good faith question, you don't have to be in the clutter of the market, it is panic, do not know to buy the products of who, as soon as possible to experience it.

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