How to Select High Quality and Low Price Laser Marker

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/08/02

how to choose a cheap and good quality fibe laser marking machine?
The answer is No. The choice of optical fiber laser marking machine is not necessarily based on price, quality, after-sales and other aspects, but on whether it can meet the needs and bring profits to customers. Some materials of large enterprises need to be customized to process the core components of optical fiber laser marking machine to meet the processing requirements. In order to meet the short-term processing needs, some small customers have no choice of external processing. Even if they buy used equipment for many years, they can complete the product transformation, meet the needs and make the value transformation as good as the equipment. Therefore, the purchase of optical fiber laser marking machine is not necessarily to pursue the bottom price, nor necessarily to pursue high prices, high prices is a good product, but to pursue products that meet their own needs.
This situation is relative. Those factories that sell 10,000 RMB make small profits and sell more than they sell. They use counterfeiting products to sell to customers who pursue price and short-term profits. Those who sell RMB 200,000 are not delivering the module of the manufacturer that sells RMB 10,000, but delivering the products with better quality and stability. They are not deliberately deceiving and fooling customers through their ignorance of the market. So why is this relative situation?
For example, domestic fiber lasers range from 5000 to 12000, and even some renovated lasers are available within 2000. The imported IPG ordinary fiber lasers are also around 20,000, while the prices of some special custom lasers are up to 50,000 RMB. Other modules field mirror, galvanometer, board card have multiple grades, even if the chassis, power cord will be based on the thickness of sheet metal, engineering design and other aspects of the price differences, such as the difference between paint and spray paint.
Application of 20W Fiber Laser Marker on Market
Therefore, in the market of optical fiber laser marking machine, 1-200,000 equipment are normal, have their own market positioning, different for different materials, industry needs to do. As a manufacturer of optical fiber laser marking machine, what we have to do is not complain about the low price of our peers, resulting in no profit and no high price. It is important for us to find out the position of our company's products and orientate the development of the market, depending on whether the enterprise chooses the market of RMB 10,000 or RMB 200,000.
Above is a deep analysis of the price problem of 20W optical fiber laser marker, which represents my personal point of view. You can talk about it.
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