where to buy laser marking machine for plastic bottle in the phillippines

Author: zixu   Time: 2018/03/09

Many customers are worried about the issue of procurement in the field. The Zixu plant has provided customers around the world with convenient purchasing methods.
We have agents in Southeast Asia and have implemented localized services. If we need to debug, we can arrange for personnel to come to the door. However, it is generally very simple. Ordinary workers can do the job.
Zixu Marking Machine Factory provides customized marking solutions for customers and realizes a fully automated marking system. With the line marking, the flying marking machines fully satisfy the large number of marking requirements.
flying laser marking machine
Chongqing Zixu Machine Works, conveniently located at the foot of beautiful Mount Jinyun ,the famous scenic of Beibei ,Chongqing. Founded in 2006, we are specialized in the research and production of marking machine and its main spare parts. The production and consumption reaches 10 thousand pieces a year, this makes us being the largest supplier of marking pin set. Our success is built on providing innovative solutions to contemporary marking problems. Now we almost cover all relating marking products, marking range from metal to nonmetal products, to cater the diversity marking requirements of customers.Based on several years of extensive experience in the field of domestic market, since 2009, our company gained independent import and export rights and starts to exporting the machine to the overseas market, and earned an international reputation for our good quality and service.
Welcome to consult us. E-mail:zoewang@cqzixu.com.cn

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