engine code printer adopts multi language software, 10 seconds, marking a car engine

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/06/14

engine code printer adopts multi language software, 10 seconds, marking a car engine, automobile engine needs to have a code, this code requires alphanumeric symbols, not the original pneumatic marking machine when they are knocked, according to a lot of inconvenience, 12 years of experience ZIXU manufacturers, success for the problem of large and medium-sized enterprises of various engine code, of course, manufacturers generally no loading before using a marking machine can be solved, but in loading the car engine or the maintenance of the engine cannot be placed above the pneumatic marking machine lettering on the desktop, so to solve this problem is only a portable printer can also, many manufacturers do before hand coding machine range is too large to normal typing in that range, purple after repeated research and practice experience, the production of the engine code printer is very practical and Convenient.
When the engine code body is exposed to air for a long time, it is easy to accumulate dust in the circuit board after a long time, and the circuit can not be cleaned for a long time. Way to clear the controller power is closed, the box outside the lid to open, with clean air will be blown clean inside the dust. Usually should pay more attention to dust outside the cabinet work.
Users purchase equipment in a year free warranty, life-long maintenance, received after-sales service notice, my company 2 hours response, the city 8 hours to solve the problem, outside the city consultation maintenance time.
Our company is responsible for equipment installation, debugging, free equipment related technical training, equipment upgrades free of charge. And to provide technical support services. The choice of engine printer, auto marking machine, auto seal coder on the choice of ZIXU.

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