dot peen marking pins

Author: zixu   Time: 2018/02/02

dot peen marking pins
The vent plays the role of venting. The compressed air is deflated through the vent. As the pressure gets smaller, the needle will return to its original position, but as the compressed air continues to push outward, this will again impact the needle out of the sleeve and continue The impact of the continuous impact of the core hit the product surface forming a text. High-intensity needle longer life.
Widely used in ordinary hard metal parts. Especially molds and other manufacturers of carbide products.
Add enough oil to the hub to lubricate the gap between the hub and hub, which will increase the life of the marking needle.
marking pins
High-strength needle core can mark the product of high hardness, the impact of the increase in amplitude is conducive to the depth of marking.
Marking needle depth is not enough: it may be because the tip wear, grinding the tip, recheck the device. If you still mark the effect is not good, then this need to replace other better quality marking needle, such as the impact of a larger marking needle.

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