Pneumatic marking machine marking needle problems

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2016/09/01

A header not needle or needle is not normal:
The check valve pressure is normal (normal value 2 - 4 ATM);
The check gas path is connected, whether there is a leak needle sleeve connection, pipe connector is plugged in;
The use of manual testing to see whether the steel vibration, vibration is normal to see empty needle;
Check the circuit board, frequency solenoid valve and the duty ratio of the potentiometer is adjusted to normal.
W1 frequency adjustment, W2 adjustable duty cycle, the adjustment of the upper right corner of the control board of
the control board "24-" and the voltage between the MAC is less than 9.6V.
Pneumatic marking needle advantage:
A. high hardness, low cost, long use time
B. tip can be polished,
C. can achieve depth marking and narrow marking
D. is a very economical and practical pneumatic marking machine.
Use range: all kinds of plastic and metal nameplate signs, cars, planes, trains and ships with a zero parts, wheel plate,
cylinder, gear, bearing, valve body, flange, sensor, transformer, oil pipe, steel pipe, roll, plate, hardware tools, blade, ruler, drill, etc.
to the nut part, large aircraft, ships, very suitable.
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