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Author: zixu   Time: 2016/09/03

Our company manufacture many various marking needle,There are the professional technician to guide the productive process for ensure the quality of the production,The customer highly praise our productions,Our productivity have development to two production workshops,Implement assembly line works to ensure the products have the standard size.The key equipment for imports,We have enough goods to meet the demand of customer,There are complete kinds of needles,It is used to various of model.Our company have power to receive custom-made models.Now we can promise customer that our product is the quality goods.In order to deal with all kinds of environment we have produced highly hard needle-diamond alloy needle,It can used to print metals of the hard more than HRC 60,as such as alloy cutting tools etc.But what we need to pay attention to something is the needle is easy to broken when the air pressure is too large.So it is need the professional technician to handle.


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