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Author: ZIXU   Time: 2016/09/01

With the collapse of the popular market, the logo design of high degree of identification is increasingly popular. Pneumatic marking machine as a "bridge" between the products and consumers, is given more and more responsibilities and expectations. In the premise of meeting the basic functional requirements, fully reflect the individual needs, highlighting the humanistic care and expand the product function marking design is gradually rising. Affected by the economic environment, more and more small single batch of scalar, marking the frequency is getting higher and higher, which makes the pneumatic marking machine industry increasingly feel the pressure. And the pressure of the traditional enterprise also provides a new application opportunities for new pneumatic marking machine technology. Meet the changing needs of users, personalized demand is the recent development of the pneumatic marking machine industry.
In addition, the current brand vendors are more in favor of the needs of creative, efficient product logo design, which is the development of the pneumatic marking machine to create the conditions. With the growing recognition of personalized customization, a variety of new technologies, products are also emerging, personalized marking machine has become one of the effective tools manufacturers to attract customers.
"Innovation", "transformation and upgrading", "the Internet"... This one hot words, none of them is not clear in
the pneumatic marking machine industry changes. They actually means marking machine industry is facing tremendous
pressure, accumulate worth mentioning, crosses the Rubicon worth mentioning, before a decision is to discern the situation
of the industry as a whole, see their position. Since the reform and opening up, China's pneumatic marking machine industry
ushered in the development of opportunities, a huge market demand for the marking machine industry provides a survival
and growth of green". Pneumatic marking machine industry to the rapid rise, which also laid the foundation for talent, technology,
capital and market,
At the same time, with the rapid development of pneumatic marking machine technology, marking industry's regional
market is gradually disappearing, some enterprise production and processing market is shrinking day by day. Traditional
pneumatic marking machine industry in a new round of economic competition has gradually entered the bottleneck. Facing
the lack of industry intensive degree is low, the intensity of independent innovation, emerging market development ability is
strong, the main problems, the traditional gas dynamic marking machine industry need to upgrade, the adjustment of product
structure, to meet the needs of the development of the market.
Electronic commerce will give the pneumatic marking machine magic power, let it beyond time, beyond space to achieve the
perfect transformation, rapid development. In the current pneumatic marking machine manufacturers of information construction,
the development of the printing industry e-commerce, personalized customization will become a very good point of entry. At present,
the development of electronic business is the trend of pneumatic marking machine, which requires the pneumatic marking machine
industry from the traditional business model to e-commerce business model. This is a challenge and an opportunity, seize the opportunity,
in the future, pneumatic marking machine industry will battle the industry in the information age sing Battle Hymn of the remain invincible.
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