can laser marking be done in black and colour?

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/10/11

Can laser typewriters be black and coloured? Because the marking requirements are different, so some customers need to be black, white, and even some need to be color. Often customers ask us, can you do it? Now the laser printer tells you that these are all achievable. The laser typewriter produced can not only blacken, but also whiten, as well as color.
laser marking machine
Laser markers use laser beams to mark permanent surfaces on various materials. The effect of labeling is to expose deep materials by evaporation of surface materials, thus carving exquisite patterns, trademarks and characters. It is mainly used for marking quality.
He has 10 years experience in laser industry. It has unique advantages in laser marking equipment and can meet the needs of different customers. Marking requirements, free marking samples for customers.
Many people will ask, laser marking machine can hit ferrous metals, such as stainless steel, but the surface of anodic alumina will be black? The answer is: Yes. But a special optical fiber laser marking machine is needed.
Laser marking machine has become a hot topic in laser physics research in recent years, and is universally recognized as a new generation of products that may completely replace solid-state lasers. Laser printer is a kind of laser which uses rare earth doped glass fiber as gain medium. Fiber laser can be developed on the basis of fiber amplifier: under the action of pumping light, it is easy to form high power density in the fiber, thus producing laser working substance. When a positive feedback loop is properly added to form a resonator, the output of laser oscillation can be formed by the inversion of the number of particles in the energy level. Laser marking machine uses laser beam to mark the surface of various materials permanently.
laser marking machine
The effect of marking is to expose the deep material by evaporating the surface material, or to "cut" the physical changes of the surface material by light energy, or to burn some material by light energy to display the etching patterns needed. Text, barcode and other graphics.
The pulse width of ordinary optical fiber laser marking machine is not adjustable. In order to get black alumina, it is necessary to use an optical fiber laser marking machine with adjustable pulse width mode. It is generally called an aluminum black optical fiber laser marking machine, or a optical fiber laser marking machine with MOPA technology. This optical fiber laser marker is more expensive than ordinary optical fiber laser marker, so if you don't need this function, you can choose the common configuration of optical fiber laser marker.
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