Warmly celebrate the first automobile and motorcycle accessories exhibition is held ceremoniously

Author: zixu   Time: 2016/09/03

Marking machine is widely used in automobile and motorcycle parts industry, the marking machine produced by

our company in the industry of automobile and motorcycle accessories business also continuous high growth with

the passage of time, this is the result of trust for our clients, Especially the quality of our products and after-sales

service won the customer's highly appreciated,for example, there is a factory decided to use my company's products

in the days after after he used a number of suppliers of products.because our product is not only the core components

are imported, and specialized technician door-to-door service. The laser marking machine get the favour of accessories

manufacturers purchasing manager in the exhibition,and expressed their purchase intention, and even some purchasing

manager at the scene ordered marking needle and fiber laser marking machine, Our company will attend the 17th LiJia

international machinery exhibition on May 11-13.You are welcome to Chonqing for a visit.

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