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Author: zixu   Time: 2018/05/19

Do you want to do automatic marking? Or do you need to customize the marking equipment? Did you find a lot of suppliers, but none of these suppliers can meet your requirements? They either cannot be customized or they are not willing to do it for you.
automatic marking equipment
So come to Zi Xu. Zi Xu Machinery Factory has provided unprecedented assistance. Since 2005, Zi Xu has undertaken custom marking equipment. Before 2005, Zi Xu has been doing standard marking equipment for more than 10 years, from there When the time began, Zi Xu revolutionized. We have undergone earth-shaking changes, only for the wholesale agent marking the equipment, and for our end-users, we have almost achieved more than 80% of orders for non-standard custom equipment.
automatic marking equipment
Do you need to mark the flange? Car chassis marking, wire marking, flight marking, link database marking, large-scale marking, qr code marking, two-dimensional code marking, depth marking, various automated marking equipment.
automatic marking equipment
Welcome to Zi Xu, customize all kinds of marking equipment, if you are an agent, completely give you custom marking equipment, custom color marking machine, custom model marking equipment, customize various functions marking, welcome to put your condition. We can satisfy you.


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