auto part portable pneumatic marking machine is cheap

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/05/27

auto part portable pneumatic marking machine is cheap, portable pneumatic marking machine is very convenient to carry, lighter weight, does not occupy the position, also called a hand-held marking machine, ZIXU portable marking for steel plate and mould industry are very practical, for customers to solve the big problem of marking.
Zi Xu portable marking machine has the following characteristics, and its practicability is very extensive.
First: the weight is very light, the whole machine weight is 7 kilograms.
Second: computer integrated control system, random handwriting and lettering. It can be used for outdoor marking.
Third: equipment configuration are imported first-class electronic components configuration, durable, not easy to wear.
Fourth: head rail adopts imported rail, full closed and self-lubricating structure, marking machine 10 years life can be fully guaranteed.
Fifth: the use of double electromagnet adsorption form, firm fixed product, lettering is not deformed.
Sixth: fool type software free upgrade, easy to learn.
Practical range of equipment:
Use scope: 1, automobile and motorcycle engine, piston, body, chassis, chassis, engine, connecting rod, cylinder and other components are the number, name, trademarks, production date print; 2, electric vehicles, such as bicycles and motorcycles and frame number printing; 3, all kinds of goods, vehicles and equipment product label printing; 4, all kinds of machinery parts, machine tools, metal products, metal pipe, gear, pump, valve, fastener, steel, instrument. Mechanical and electrical equipment and other metal marking; plastic system {all types of industrial components, auto parts and components, motorcycle parts, metal signs, plates on the batch number, date, trademark, product model, VIN number.
Chongqing ZIXU marking machine production has been 12 years, product range, independent research and design capabilities, product accessories homegrown, good quality, excellent price, service guarantee. We do not do low-priced products, only cost-effective products, the same quality, we price excellent, the same price, we have excellent quality. Products have pneumatic desktop marking machine, playing portable marking machine, electric marking machine, marking needle and marking machine accessories. To provide marking equipment, one-stop procurement services, warranty for one year, life-long maintenance. We have 8 years' experience in exporting, and some foreign traders choose the best partner.

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