auto chassis VIN number marking machine how to choose

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/09/12

auto chassis VIN number marking machine how to choose
Chongqing ZIXU portable pneumatic marking machine mini lightweight, very suitable for narrow body marking, especially suitable for want to use second-hand auto VIN manufacturers, auto chassis VIN marking machine.

Frame number Pneumatic marking machine Suitable for automobile and motorcycle accessories, general machinery, steel pipe, electrical equipment and other industries, you can print a variety of metal or plastic nameplate, you can also print products and parts. The product is more used to mark large parts such as: car axles, or assembly line marking, chassis marking.


How to choose the marking machine
In recent years, the traditional connection of computer pneumatic marking machine is rapidly being replaced by single-chip pneumatic marking machine, this computer-free pneumatic marking machine is more suitable for industrial harsh environmental requirements. auto VIN marking machine.

Portable pneumatic marking machine for easy to move to the work of marking the workpiece, moving the marking machine head to the workpiece marking, it inherited the original advantages of desktop pneumatic marking machine, the applicability of the product Has done a lot of improvements to make up for the lack of desktop marking machine, widely used in automotive girders. Motorcycle frame, large pipe, shaped workpiece, nameplate and a variety of easy to move the workpiece mark, the use of light, simple operation, easy to carry, with the laptop or microcontroller with the use. Chassis Marking Machine.

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