a battery charging Electric marking machine can you believe it?

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/12/12

 a battery charging Electric marking machine can you believe it?

       Electric marking machine equipment, a charging of the marking machine, do you believe it, you do not believe it, but Chongqing Purple Asahi marking machine factory developed such a marking machine equipment, a charge can Used marking machine equipment.
      Electric code machine using electromagnetic as kinetic energy instead of pneumatic high-frequency micro-impact dot matrix marking, a revolutionary saving of gas source, while greatly reducing the print noise when working, marking no splash of metal dust; marking accurate , Fast; Adopt imported linear bearings and timing belt transmission, enhance printing stability, improve marking accuracy; Innovative design and manufacture of titanium alloy needle, marking smooth and beautiful appearance.
battery marking machine
      Electric marking machine equipment can be widely used in automotive body, sheet metal parts, nameplate and other effects need to be beautiful, without gas supply, low noise work of the occasion, especially for aluminum, copper, plating parts, anodized pieces of fine products Standard.

      Rechargeable electric marking machine equipment, you must worry about its marking power is not, hit it no depth, then you think wrong, this electric marking machine equipment printing depth than the market before the electric marking machine hit Standard depth to a lot of depth, and print beautiful, do not believe you can contact Purple Xu marking machine factory, they will show you the marking of this device.

electric marking machine

     If you just need such an electric marking machine equipment, then you can immediately contact Chongqing Purple Asahi marking machine factory, purple Asahi marking machine, marking machine experts around you to provide you with a professional marking machine station Service

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