Zixu Machinery Factory employees' spring activities in 2018

Author: zixu marker   Time: 2018/04/17

  Spring April is a good season for spring tourism. On April 15th, the company organized employees to participate in the cherry picking activities at Xishanping Farm. The purpose of this event is to let everyone fly in the spring season, away from the intense work. Stress, close contact with nature, inspire enthusiasm for work and life.
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  The company's office prepared in advance and made overall arrangements. At noon everyone left after the massacre at the Tuanshanpu high-speed toll station. After more than 1 hour drive we arrived at our destination. Looking ahead, the plants are abundant, the forests are full of greenery, and the greenery is surrounded by everything. It really feels the breath of spring.
  With the bright sunshine, we are slowly advancing along the path. In the slow journey, we can quietly admire the surrounding beauty and experience the visual changes. Walk in this "natural oxygen bar", feel the natural breath, people feel very comfortable, rich negative oxygen ions can effectively promote the body's metabolism, enhance the body's immunity. After walking for more than 10 minutes, I finally arrived at the farm where I was picking cherries. On the cherry trees, the sparse leaves covered the yellow-red cherries. The cherries bulged round and round in the sunlight. Glittering, from a distance, it looks like a large, round golden pearl.
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   In the evening, employees of the company collectively drove back to the urban area. The joyous journey of the day, although it feels a little tired, the mood is very lively. During this spring visit, everyone relaxed their body and mind, relieved the pressure brought by working life, reflected the vitality of Evergreen’s team, and enhanced the feelings among colleagues. In the spring of hope, we are passionate and we sail together with the company!

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