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Author: zixu   Time: 2016/09/01

Chongqing ZIXU machinery specializing in the production of pneumatic marking machine marking pin accessories, has 10 years of history, has always insisted the quality first, the customer first. Product range, first-class product quality, customer groups all over the country, but also exported to the world.
The initial step when marking needle more complex process, the concentricity of the product is the technical difficulty, scrap rate, so that these problems are accompanied by small manufacturers chose to give up. In contrast purple-wook people through their dedication and persistence, Difficulties and problems are gradually solved.
2012 is the introduction of advanced numerical control equipment, forming a product completely overcome the technical difficulties! ! Made of a special process, embedded in the needle hub oil bearing wear, typing process will be out of oil, perfect to protect the core needle and needle hub, a substantial increase in wear resistance! )
Core needle is all imported from Germany alloy materials, special process to ensure high wear resistance, 100% non-shedding.
Our company is now manufacturing process: high hardness aviation aluminum - imported high-precision CNC forming equipment - mosaic high wear oil bearing - needle core special process - needle sets of high magnetic polishing - assembly line process - precision testing equipment (amplitude detection and frequency).
Our company is also a marking machine and a number of domestic and foreign large coffee industry cooperation, and constantly improve the introduction of advanced equipment and technology, constantly updated products that best meet market and customer needs.
We insist that only you can not think, no we can not, and never to be imitated, never be able to go beyond our updates
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