ZIXU provide fiber laser marking dot pin and OEM wholesale

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2016/11/15

ZIXU looking for OEM,Wholesale,ODM,agent,dealer,as the factory manufacture price provide full kinds machine including CNC Pneumatic
dot pin engraving machine and fiber laser marking equipment.
The following describes the difference between a pump side pump and the optical fiber laser marking machine, to facilitate customers to
choose and understand the product.
The earliest application of side pump marking machine. The main use of Nd:YAG crystal rod to do gain medium. At most, the Nd:YVO4 crystal is
used in the end pump, and the fiber is the erbium doped gain fiber.
Equally in 10W terms:
The main effect factors are power, frequency, and pulse width at the same frequency, which corresponds to single pulse energy
and peak power. At present, the frequency of the labeled IPG fiber laser is 20-80kHz, the maximum single pulse energy is about 0.5mJ.
The end of the pump can reach 0.5mJ, but the same single pulse energy, peak power and side pump fiber is about 6kW, and the end
of the pump peak power can reach 50kW, so the impact of end pumped laser marking machine is better; but the fiber repetition frequency
is 20kHz, the average power rate can reach 10W, end the pump is 10kHz, the average power is only 4 ~ 5W. Side pumped laser frequency is
used in 1 ~ 5kHz, the speed is too slow.
welcome to ZIXU as our agent,dealer,etc,ZIXU provide wholesale price,OEM,ODM etc.ZIXU as the factory manufacture price provide full kinds
machine including CNC Pneumatic dot pin engraving machine and fiber laser marking equipment and marking needle/stylus.
End pump and optical fiber at 70~80kHz when the single pulse energy and repetition frequency phase crossing, you can do some similar marking
effect. Side pump can do so easily 50W power, suitable for rough effect. End pump and optical fiber lines, and side pumps are somewhat different.
In the end of the pump and the fiber can be very small volume and small power consumption, of course welcome. Side pump cost advantage is
no longer. End pump and optical fiber each play a certain advantage, the effect can not be replaced with each other. Although a lot of fiber lasers
can be adjusted to adjust the pulse width, but the peak power is far less than the value of the end pump. But the good beam quality of fiber laser and let other than.
ZIXU provide many kinds marking machine,including CNC Pneumatic dot peen marking equipment,fiber lazer engraving machine for metal,
aluminum.dot pin for marking machine part.welcome to here as our dealer,OEM,ODM,wholesale.

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