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Author: ZIXU   Time: 2016/11/18

ZIXU Laser marking machine with its unique small power laser beam, especially suitable for fine processing of the high-end market, the surface of the packing bottle cosmetics, medicines, video and other polymer material marking, fine effect, mark cleaning firm, superior ink printing and no pollution; flexible PCB plate marking, scribing silicon; a wafer micro hole and blind hole processing; LCD LCD glass two-dimensional code marking, glassware surface drilling, metal surface coating marking, plastic buttons, electronics, gifts, communications equipment, building materials and so on.
Diode end pump laser marking machine
1 kinds of metal and non-metallic materials and products surface marking and engraving, such as stainless steel, Aluminum Alloy, copper, ceramics, synthetic materials, rubber, leather, hardware tools, faucet, clutch, bearing, piston ring, steel pipe, steel plate;
2 electronics industry: resistance, capacitance and inductance, crystal oscillator, printed circuit board, integrated circuit, computer keyboard, laser electrical access card, mobile phone shell, watches, all kinds of instrumentation and control panel marking;
3 daily necessities and clothing industry: food, cosmetics, stationery, brand display, product packaging box, color paper, paint products, cigarettes, crafts and other marking.
ZIXU fiber laser marking machine
Suitable for all kinds of non metal material and products surface marking and engraving, such as stainless steel and Aluminum Alloy, copper, ceramics, synthetic materials; electronic industry, such as capacitors, inductors, laser marking printed circuit board; daily necessities and clothing industry, marking a clear, beautiful, never disappear, environment is simple, without constant temperature humidity and water cooling equipment. At least, maintenance of the most simple, small weight, small size, small occupation area.
please contact ZIXU for clectronic components fiber laser.
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