Why laser marking machine for metal products marking?

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/10/26

Why laser marking machine for metal products marking?
Hardware products as a metal, with laser marking has a very good effect.
Laser marking as a modern precision machining methods, and printing, mechanical scribing, EDM and other traditional processing methods compared to an unparalleled advantage. Laser marking machine with maintenance-free, high flexibility, high reliability, especially for fine, depth, smoothness of the higher requirements of the field, it is widely used in the hardware industry, processing of metal products are iron, Copper, stainless steel, gold, alloy, aluminum, silver and all metal oxides.

    Laser marking machine can mark all kinds of text, serial number, product number, bar code, two-dimensional code, production date, etc., and time, date or serial number, product number can automatically jump number. Laser marking of text and graphics is not only clear, fine, but also can not be erased, modified, which for product quality and channel tracking is very beneficial, but also can effectively prevent expired product sales, security and prevent Chuanhuo.


mopa laser marking machine




    Laser marking machine engraved metal products pattern fine, the minimum line width up to 0.04mm, marking lasting, beautiful, clear. Laser marking machine to meet the needs of a small amount of metal products printed on the large number of data can be printed more demanding, more accurate two-dimensional bar code, compared with the imprint or jet marking method, a powerful functional advantages So that the laser marking machine has a broader market at home and abroad.

metal laser marking machine

    Laser marking machine as a new identification equipment, and gradually showing more and better performance quality, laser marking machine use trend increased year by year, especially in the hardware industry in the application of the performance was particularly prominent. As a pioneer in the laser industry, Beyond Laser's efforts to promote the use of laser equipment in the hardware industry and to provide industry-leading solutions to help customers effectively control costs and improve processing efficiency.
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