Why is laser marking machine so widely used in glasses industry?

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/10

Glasses are not only for nearsightedness. Nowadays, with the material growth, more and more people are pursuing beauty and fashion. Glasses have also become a fashion symbol. In addition to nearsightedness glasses, there are sunglasses, radiation proof glasses, flat glasses and so on.
1. Permanent marking, anti-counterfeiting effect is obvious, laser code spraying technology can effectively prevent product identification from counterfeiting;
2. Increasing the added value of the product can make the glasses look higher;
3. Stable and reliable performance, high-quality laser light speed, fine marking, beautiful effect, long service life;
4. Laser marking machine does not produce any harmful chemicals to human body and environment, and it is a high-tech product of environmental protection and safety;
glasses laser marking machine
5. The printing accuracy is very high, the control is accurate, and has a strong market competitiveness.
Common eyeglass frame materials are plastic plate and metal, which can realize laser non touch mark. After laser marking, the surface height difference of the products is close to micron level, almost no touch, which makes the glasses more fashionable and technological, and improves the product identification and brand influence.
Laser can print not only permanent mark on the frame, but also contact mark on the lens
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