Why choose zixu dot peen marking machine

Author: cnzixu   Time: 2019/08/03

Why choose zixu dot peen marking machine?zixu dot peen marking machine have the advantege as below:
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1. Computer programming: Printing is automatic, printing English, numbers, Chinese characters, graphics, and the print content can be changed at will.
2. For the needle system: The first mouse and keyboard-to-needle system in China can accurately and quickly move the printed content to the corresponding position.
3. Multiple fonts: 100 fonts are available, and you can edit new fonts yourself.
4. Lifting function: The marking needle can be moved up and down to adjust the marking depth at will.
5. Electromagnetic adsorption: It is easy to use by electromagnet adsorption.
6. Marking requirements: Special alloy printing needles, the marking effect is clear, in line with the main performance parameters of the vehicle marking requirements announced by the Ministry of Public Security.
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