Why choose laser marking machine?

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/11/22

Why choose laser marking machine?
 1, high-precision engraving: laser marking machine carved objects fine lines, the minimum line width of up to 0.04mm. Mark clear, long-lasting, beautiful. Laser marking to meet the smallest pieces of plastic printed on a large number of data For example, it is possible to print 2D barcodes that require more accuracy and clarity and have a stronger market competitiveness than embossing or jetting.

  2, low operating costs: marking speed and marking a molding, low energy consumption, and thus low operating costs.Although the laser marking machine equipment investment than the traditional marking equipment, but the operating costs, the use of laser marking machine Much lower.

laser marking equipment

 3, high processing efficiency Under the computer control of the laser beam can move at high speed (speed of 5 ~ 7 m / s), the marking process can be completed within seconds.
  4, the development speed: Due to the combination of laser technology and computer technology, users can realize the laser print output as long as the programming on the computer, and ready to change the print design, a fundamental alternative to the traditional mold making process, to shorten product upgrades Cycle and flexible production provides a convenient tool.

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