What machine can marking a large workpiece?

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2016/12/03

What machine can marking a large workpiece
ZIXU machinery to provide wholesale price of OEM metal portable marking machine
The work piece is too big to move, how to do? Don't worry,factory wholesale price portable CNC pneumatic marking machine, suitable for easy to move to the work bench marking, moving head to the workpiece marking, it inherits the advantages of desktop pneumatic marking machine original, made a great improvement in the applicability of the products, to make up for the lack of bench marking machine the widely used in automobile beam. Motorcycle frame, large pipe, special-shaped workpiece, nameplate and various hard to mark, move the workpiece using lightweight, simple operation, easy to carry. Chongqing ZiXu portable pneumatic marking machine, compact body, easy to carry, simple design, easy to operate.
ZIXU Machinery provide dot pin Factory wholesale price OEM portable metal marking mahcine for large workpiece.

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