What kind of laser marking machine can mark more depth?

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2016/12/02

What kind of laser marking machine can mark more depth?
the laser spot pattern variation, and CO2 fiber laser, laser mode variation mainly, the spot becomes large, medium and small become hollow, or spot is not round, the split spot, this case to return to factory maintenance. The semiconductor words can first check the mirror and output mirror if there is dirt, Q switch crystal two end if there is dirt, laser crystal YAG whether there is any dirt, please use alcohol and cotton heuristic clean, if not clear the heuristic is to replace the Q switch, can change a location, and YAG laser crystal is going back to the factory for repair, otherwise damage will be greater. Cold water machine also has a relationship, if the water is bending, pump flow is not up to the requirements, the cooling capacity of the chiller will affect the stability of the semiconductor laser.
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