What is the use of UV laser marking machine?

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/14

For the laser marking industry, the industry knows that the quality of laser core components determines the life and marking effect of the whole laser marking machine. The quality of core component laser can directly reflect the quality of laser marking machine. The laser marker is a non-contact processing, and is processed by the laser technology Guangdong ultraviolet laser marker. The laser sends the laser. At present, laser marking equipment mainly includes CO2, UV and fiber laser. Different lasers have different functions, ages and methods. Laser is the core of laser marking machine. Its function directly affects the processing effect of laser marking machine.
UV laser marking machine
Light is an important part of laser marking machine and also an important factor affecting its quality. Some manufacturers in the market are independently developed and produced.
It is necessary to look at the vibrating lens and high-speed galvanometer, which are 30% more efficient than the traditional production. Users can finish machining quickly and economically. A good vibrating mirror can ensure the speed of the laser marking machine and the accuracy of the graphics.
According to the operation performance and module design, a good laser drilling machine must be easy to operate, high efficiency, low labor cost and stable performance.
UV laser marking machine is used to stabilize and improve the welding quality to ensure its uniformity. Welding parameters, such as welding current, voltage, welding speed and welding dry elongation, determine the welding results.
Improve labor productivity. Automatic laser welding machine, 24 hours a day continuous production, in addition to the application of high-speed and efficient welding technology, the efficiency is more obvious.
It can shorten product modification cycle and reduce corresponding equipment investment. 5. Clear product cycle, easy to control product output.
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