What is the laser marking machine for blackening aluminum?

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/10

Aluminum is not new to you. You can see it everywhere in your life. When you enter the house, you can see that the window is aluminum except glass. What is the function of fiber laser marking machine on aluminum?
That is to say, we need a little special optical fiber laser marking machine, and alumina optical fiber laser marking machine. We will talk about the principle below!
The question is, many people will think why aluminum oxide should be blacked out. Is it not good to be so bright? Blacking is naturally useful for him, isn't it??
In fact, the focus of the crackdown is still on our mobile phones. With the progress of science and technology, the concept of consumers is changing, and the love for mobile phones is changing,
Logo this thing is why we want to say, but also with laser marking machine to get so complex;
We will think about why we don't use drawing, why we don't use ink-jet to finish such a simple thing. It also says that our technology is improving and our thinking is improving. However, we can't lag behind in the equipment we have!
In fact, some of my traditional mobile phones are PHS that used to be popular in China with screen printing and ink. Nokia, which is popular all over the world, uses these screen printing ink;
aluminum laser marking machine
Therefore, it is found that the original aluminum oxide marking machine can completely replace the screen printing ink, which is more persuasive than the screen printing ink;
Laser marking function exists permanently in mobile phones, and also improves anti-counterfeiting ability for businesses (you want to prevent manufacturing, difficult!). Compared with ink, it is more superior and more attractive to you, just like a woman with makeup, how to look so beautiful;
In fact, a very thin layer of oxide film is plated on the aluminum alloy by electroplating equipment. The chemical properties of the film are the same as that of alumina.
The laser with high energy density is produced under the action of the laser. The material principle of the surface is further changed by using the ultra short time to change the thickness of the oxide film to 5-20um.
After laser treatment, the oxide particles become nanometer level, the absorption line increases, the reflected light weakens, and then what we see with the naked eye becomes black;
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