What is a laser marking machine?

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/08/17

What is a laser marking machine?
Many people know the term "laser". Generally speaking, it's myopia. It's better to have laser surgery and so on. But many people don't understand the laser itself and its wide application. Now it's time for Xiaobian to popularize science.
Application of Laser Marker in Jewelry Industry
The interaction between light and matter is essentially a manifestation of the absorption or radiation of photons by the microscopic particles that make up the matter, and at the same time changing their own motion. A particle can only be in a state corresponding to a certain energy level at any time (or simply expressed as being at a certain energy level). When interacting with photons, particles transit from one level to another and absorb or radiate photons accordingly. The energy value of photons is the energy difference (E) between these two levels, and the frequency is_= (E/h) (h is Planck constant)...
Well, I know you don't understand it very well. To sum up, the above paragraph is to form a material thing, that is, the most important "laser" in laser equipment. The above set of principles is summed up as laser, which is the heart of laser equipment!
Application of Laser Marking on Parts and Components
So what I want to say is the optical fiber laser marking machine. As mentioned earlier, the most important thing of laser is laser, so is the optical fiber laser marking machine. It's a laser with rare earth doped glass fiber as a medium. In our life, we often use things from fiber laser marking machine, such as mobile phones, expensive or cabbage watches, especially fine computer hardware, and devices on aircraft carriers. Like tattoos, they can't be erased!
Amway time is over! In fact, the laser marking machine is not only a term you don't understand, can't touch, all the objects in our life will be related to it, science popularization is here today, see you next time!
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