What does CO2 laser marking function do?

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/10/25

What does CO2 laser marking function do?
Carving beautiful patterns on glass always brings visual enjoyment to people. These patterns are not from artificial marking, but from the charm of -CO2 laser marking machine technology, the following describes advantages of CO2 laser marking machine is prominent
1, marking lines fine
The imported metal sealed off RF excited CO2 laser is stable and reliable, with high repeatability and positioning accuracy, and the customer's praise rate is as high as 100%.

2, long service life


wood engraving machine

animal ear tag engraving machine



CO2 laser lifetime used by many manufacturers only 5000 hours, while the Optics Valley laser laser life for more than 40 thousand hours, 24 hours of full load operation, can well meet the needs of mass production and processing enterprises.
3, environmental protection harmless
It does not produce any harmful chemicals to the environment and human body, and it is an environmentally friendly marking method.
4, simple operation
The special marking software has powerful functions, friendly man-machine conversation interface, and skilled workers can operate independently quickly.

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