What are the precautions for using FPC ultraviolet laser marking machine?

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/08/10

What are the precautions for using FPC ultraviolet laser marking machine?
This CY-WXN/P series FPC ultraviolet laser cutting machine, which surpassed the laser in 2019, has been widely used in the production lines of major FPC circuit board manufacturers. So in the process of debugging and maintenance, what should we pay attention to?
Xiaobian summarizes sixteen points for you:
1: It is strictly forbidden to start the machine without grounding. The grounding of all parts of the machine must be completely reliable in order to prevent electrostatic injury.
2: After each start-up, it is necessary to check whether the submersible pump is out of water, such as no start-up without water (water-cooled ultraviolet laser, except air-cooled).
3: Ensure proper water temperature and water quality of circulating water without impurities (pure water is recommended). Regular replacement of circulating water (7 deaths).
4: Wipe the mirror and focus lens with special camera lens paper or a mixture of alcohol and ether stained with medical cotton stick. (mixing ratio of ether and alcohol i: i)
5: When cutting, the fan must be turned on to avoid contaminating the lens and focusing lens.
UV laser marking machine for PCB board
6: Flammable and explosive articles are forbidden to be placed near FPc laser equipment. When the machine is working, the top cover of the machine must be covered to prevent laser offset from fire or injury.
7: In the process of machine work, operators are prohibited to leave without authorization, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.
8: Non-professionals are strictly prohibited from disassembling machines without authorization in order to avoid accidents.
9: It is strictly forbidden to place any unrelated reflective objects in the equipment in order to prevent the laser directly reflecting on the flammable articles of human velvet and causing danger.
10: It is forbidden to turn on when the voltage is unstable. Otherwise, the voltage regulator must be used.
11: Untrained personnel are forbidden to use fPc laser marking machine.
UV laser marking machine for PCB board
12: During the working process of the machine, the operator must observe the working condition of the machine at any time (e.g. whether the paper caught by the edge is blown high-grade laser by the air pump, the abnormal sound of the machine, the water temperature of the circulating water, etc.).
13: The environment of the machine is free from pollution, strong electric and magnetic interference and influence.
14: It is strictly forbidden to turn on the ammeter at its maximum state in order to avoid breaking down the laser power supply.
15: Basic limitations on the use of laser power supply (i.e. the maximum ammeter should not exceed ZomA)
16: If the machine breaks down or there is a fire, please cut off the power immediately. The above items must be strictly observed by users to avoid personal injury or machine damage.
This FPC ultraviolet laser cutting machine mainly aims at FPC, PCB, ceramics and other materials. It uses high power ultraviolet laser to achieve rapid and precise cutting and drilling, and has a wide range of applications. Applications: FPC, PCB, hard and soft bonding plate cutting, fingerprint chip module marking , soft ceramic marking , covering film window opening.
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