What are the applications of laser marking machines?

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/10/24

What are the applications of laser marking machines?
So what kind of industry does laser marking equipment use?
In the product packaging mark: permanent mark, anti-counterfeiting environmental protection, high efficiency and low consumption has become the forefront of industrial manufacturing technology requirements. The traditional way of packaging standard code for ink printing, screen printing, stamping mold and so on, until the emergence of the laser marking machine this advanced laser equipment.
Laser marking machine is widely used in all kinds of metals

Electronic hardware accessories industry mark. Maybe a lot of people don't understand, some hardware fittings, electronic components, will use laser marking machine marking. For automobiles, ships, machinery, equipment and other materials with more friction, using laser marking can achieve durable wear and better help the industry mark.

nameplate markin machine

Two, laser marking machine used in IT industry, communication industry, machinery manufacturing, food and medicines, medical equipment, watch glasses, gifts, jewelry, leather clothing, metal packaging and printing cooker, precision hardware, accessories, electrical appliances, instrumentation and other metal processing industry.

Three, laser marking machine through the application of polymer materials, electronic components, wire speed, reflective film, plastic buttons, sapphire, glass, ceramic tile, aluminum plate, plate metal materials such as nonmetallic materials for cold processing of violet laser marking machine, these are his professional, for the electronic industry communications, electrical, instrumentation, precision hardware, watch glasses, jewelry, ceramics and other industries.



nameplate laser marking machine




Four, CO2 laser marking machine for clothing, leather, gifts, packaging, advertising, wood, textile, plastic, signage, electronic communication, watches, glasses, printing, decoration and other industries can achieve the perfect mark. Wood products, cloth, leather, organic glass, epoxy resin, acrylic, unsaturated resin and other non-metallic materials processing have good results.

Five, laser marking machine use most, the most direct packaging industry. As we all know, laser marking machine is also a laser inkjet printer, which is the food and beverage packaging, bottle lid cigarette package, medicine box / bottle packaging marked on the material...... No matter what material, it is necessary to mark the product by laser marking machine, that is, the production date, batch number, two-dimensional code and other clear technology in the material.

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Six, the application of laser marking machine in food industry at present mainly refers to the use of laser in the production of various kinds of information such as: food labeling, surface patterns, such as two-dimensional code, has the advantages of no consumables, printing effect more clearly and more high resolution, low failure rate, clean and no pollution.
Seven, automatic laser marking system: application of pipeline multi station laser marking machine, laser marking machine, portable laser marking machine, automatic overflow flying marking system, laser marking machine is used to quickly mark all kinds of products, to achieve full automation.
Laser marking has become an integral part of many industries marking processing, has penetrated into all aspects of industrial manufacturing now. Especially now with the rapid development of UV laser marking machine, 3D laser marking machine, laser marking has now in the field of fine processing performance is increasingly prominent, believe in the future with the gradual development of laser technology, laser marking technology is now in industrial field and application value.

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