What are fiber lasers used for?

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/02/28

The equipment features of the fiber laser marking machine are mainly:
Fast speed (multiple fiber laser marking machine Sudoku is generally ≥5000mm/s)
High precision (the marking precision of fiber laser marking machine is 0.001mm, the second temperature
is also small, and it is stable when working)The effect is good (the fiber laser marking machine is very smooth
and fine, and the graphic text shading is very uniform and fine)The service life is extremely long (the fiber laser
marking machine has a service life of up to 100,000 hours. It can be counted for 10 years, and the life expectancy
will be different based on the use, but the minimum is also more than 5 years)Low power consumption (full power
of 500 watts means two hours of electricity)No maintenance required (fiber laser marking machine does not require
any maintenance, but if the environment is relatively poor, it is recommended to wipe the focus lens once a month)
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Affordable (now the price of fiber laser marking machine has been at a relatively low time)
Small size and easy to move (fiber laser marking machine is small, light and easy to move)
What areas can the fiber laser marking machine be applied to and what materials can be marked? Wait,
I will answer these questions for you.In terms of industry, fiber laser marking machines are widely used in
integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, industrial bearings, watches, electronic and communication
products, aerospace equipment, various automotive parts, home appliances, hardware tools, molds, wire
and cable, food. Marking and text marking in many areas such as packaging, jewelry, tobacco, and military,
as well as high-volume production lines.
Functionally speaking, fiber laser marking machines can achieve:
1. Alumina blackening, this is a MOPA technology fiber laser marking machine with adjustable pulse width.
Unlike ordinary fiber laser marking machine, this fiber laser marking machine can make alumina black, and
generally Fiber laser marking machines cannot do this;
2. The metal is colored, this needs to be adjusted and tried according to the material, and various colors can
be printed on the stainless steel;
3. The metal is black, this will not be said, almost the same as the second point;
4. Online flight marking, what does this mean? That is to say, the combination of the fiber laser marking
machine and the assembly line, while feeding and marking, so that we can greatly improve our work efficiency,
for some need to be placed on the assembly line Marking, generally marking the object of inconvenient manual
movement is an absolute gospel;
5, portable fiber laser marking machine, this laser marking machine is small, does not occupy the place,
can meet the basic marking needs. For customers who do not require high marking, portable laser marking
machines are very suitable.From the material point of view: fiber laser marking machine for hard, brittle
The dark, dark material marking has a big advantage. That is to say, most of the metal materials, as well as
some non-metallic materials such as some plastics, can be hit by the fiber laser marking machine. The marking
effect is subject to the actual effect, the factOn the surface, some materials such as hard plastics, CO2 laser
marking machines and fiber laser marking machines are able to mark, but the effect is different. Of course,
the prices of the two machines are different, so customers need to be based on their own
Production requirements and cost control are chosen.
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