VIN code marking machine and engine change number machine, two in one marking machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/06/20

VIN code marking machine and engine change number machine, two in one marking machine. Zi Xu portable marking function can be done. You don't believe it, but you can do it.
One day, a customer in Shaanxi found Chongqing purple marking machine factory, the customer requirements are needed to make marks on the motorcycle frame above the engine, but we all know that almost no equipment can achieve common marking, also feel impossible, are generally recommend customers to order the two devices, but the equipment cost is increased, so the customer is not willing to buy the two devices, so how to do, Chongqing purple hit the target when machine factory received the customer, the sales staff is recommended to buy two sets of equipment, so as to achieve customer requirements.
But the customer told me that the company only to equipment costs, we recommend the two sets of equipment, has exceeded the budget, it is recommended two sets of equipment to the customer is not a good choice, so the sales staff will be the customer questions to the technical department, technical department will arrange the workshop directly their motorcycles are open, and then began to study how to realize a device can also play the frame number, engine number. The whole day was spent on motorcycles, testing with existing equipment, and finally a labeling program.
We see the motorcycle is complete, then there is no engine test sample ah, so technical staff directly to the motorcycle maintenance point to buy a broken engine casing, then began a research, finally in finishing, the whole equipment developed, from the delivery to the customer, and the customer after use. The feedback is very good, so we expand the promotion and customer recommend each other, this device has become the Chongqing ZIXU marking machine factory selling products.

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