Understand the structure and working principle of laser welding machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/17

Laser welding machine structure and working principle, laser welding machine is suitable for many industries, including sheet metal, machinery, automobile, mold, medical equipment and other industries. The laser welding machine consists of several parts, including the worktable panel and the feed mechanism fixed on the worktable panel. The clamping mechanism is fixed on the feeding mechanism, and the feeding mechanism drives the clamping mechanism to move forward and backward. The clamping mechanism includes a clamping device and a clamping mounting plate, and the clamping device is provided with a positioning device. What is the situation of each part so that we can continue to talk about the price of welding machine laser Working principle of optical fiber laser welder
laser welding machine
When the pump light passes through the rare earth ion in the fiber, it will be absorbed by the rare earth ion. At this time, the rare earth atom electrons absorbing photon energy are excited to a higher laser energy level, thus realizing the inversion of the ion number, and the reversed ion number is transferred from the high energy level to the ground state radiation in the form of high energy level, and is released. Energy, fully stimulated radiation. The laser produced by the fiber laser is output through the fiber and matched with the matching workbench to complete the corresponding welding. Fiber laser welding machine is divided into pulse fiber laser and continuous type. Among them, the pulsed fiber laser welding machine can adjust the pulse single point energy by setting the peak power, frequency and pulse width of the laser; the continuous fiber laser welding machine can set the average 010. -141816 power to adjust the output laser power.
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