UV laser marking machine power

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How to select the power of UV laser marking machine
Now there are more and more laser marking machines in the market. There are many kinds of laser marking machines, such as end pumps, CO2, semiconductor, optical fibers, ultraviolet light, green light, etc. Now let's talk about the difference between different powers of ultraviolet marking machines.
Ultraviolet marking machine is a relatively intelligent marking machine equipment on the market, and its relative price is more expensive than other ones. Ultraviolet laser marking machine can carry out superfine marking and special material marking because of its very small focus spot and small processing heat affected zone. It is a recommended product for customers with high requirements for marking effect. Only the beam quality is good, the focusing spot is smaller, and the ultra-fine marking can be realized; the application scope is wider; the heat affected area is very small, and there will be no thermal effect and no material burning problem; the marking speed is fast and efficient; the whole machine has the advantages of stable performance, small size and low power consumption. Mainly marking some flexible PCB board marking, FPC board cutting, silicon wafer, LCD liquid crystal glass, metal surface coating marking, plastic keys, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, building materials, Apple data wire head, high requirements of light transmission keys, plastic parts after UV oil and other very sensitive materials to light.
3W UV laser marking machine sample
plastic UV laser marking machine
What are the power of UV laser marking machine?
Generally, there are 3, 5, 10 and 15 watts of power in the market. The higher the power, the higher the price will be.
3-5W ultraviolet equipment is mostly used in precision marking. The larger the power, the wider the scope of application, and of course, the higher the price. Personally, I suggest that 5W equipment should be used as far as possible when the economy permits. Compared with 3W equipment, it is more expansive and has larger preservation space. 10-15W's equipment is expensive, mainly used in precision cutting and precision drilling. There are mainly FPC, ceramic, glass and other difficult to cut materials.
UV laser marking data line identification
glasses UV laser marking machine
Matters needing attention in selecting UV marking machines:
1. Whether the output power of the laser is large enough (which is the key to speed and effect) and whether the energy is stable (usually 2% stability is required, and in some cases 1% stability is required), in order to produce the ideal effect;
2. laser output good beam quality, including mode and mode stability.
The 3. laser should be highly reliable and should be able to work continuously under harsh industrial processing conditions.
4. The operation is simple and convenient, the function of the control key is clear, the illegal operation can be refused, and the laser can be protected from damage.
5. The laser itself should have good maintainability, fault diagnosis and interlocking functions, and short downtime.
6., we must conduct the marking test before reaching the conclusion.
UV laser marking machine manufacturer
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