Laser engraving glass

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2016/09/01

Laser engraving glass, its energy density must be greater than the glass damage a critical value, or threshold and laser in
somewhere in the energy density with it in the spot size of about, with a beam of laser, spot smaller local energy density.
So by focusing on appropriate can make the laser energy density before and goes into the glass and arrived at the processing
zone below the damage threshold of glass, and hope in the processing area is more than the critical value, the laser in a very
short time pulse is generated, the energy can instantaneously so that water crystal, heat burst, resulting in minimal white,
glass internal carved out of a predetermined shape, and the rest of the glass or crystal remained intact intact.
Laser carving will is the process of glass deep processing industry a revolutionary change, its energy-saving, environmental protection,
automation degree high, realize the standardization, digitization, networked production, can also realize the remote monitoring and operation.
It will greatly reduce worker's labor intensity and improve the working environment, and greatly improve production efficiency and product quality,
is the ideal upgrading of traditional craft of glass processing technology.
Internal sculpture glass forming principle:
1. carving technique using laser 3D patterns carved on the inside of the glass, the formation of surface nondestructive internal image;
2. Combination of LED lighting, product image self luminous, beautiful, dual function of both advertising decoration and lighting;
3. New advertisement carrier, in "channels for the king" the fierce competition in the advertising industry, the development
of new advertising capture points, a huge market prospects;
4. Art and practicability of the new advertising media, traditional media and network media can not match advantage.
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