Tricycle marking machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2018/01/29

Computer-controlled marking pin in the X, Y two-dimensional plane by a certain trajectory to move at the same time, the print pin under the action of compressed air to do high-frequency impact movement to print a certain depth on the workpiece mark.
portable marking machine
"Q: How do your factory do regarding quality control?
    A: Quality is priority. Each GS laser machine will be tested by 24 items.After all the 24 items passed, then our QA do 48~72 hours reliability test."
Users can create any desired graphics through AutoCAD; use marking software to edit Chinese and English characters, numbers, trademark dates, serial numbers, etc., word height, word width, font can be set by the user, and can be edited.
VIN marking machine
Double column linear bearing structure, no horizontal gap, positioning more accurate and more freedom
mark content: Chinese and English characters, Arabic numerals, special characters, graphics and so on
Domestic packing for Chinese market.
We can provide picture / videos / marking sample for your checking.
Pneumatic marking machine has the advantage of markings can be deep, shallow, whether it is graphics, text, product serial numbers, trademarks, marking a permanent permanent mark, in general, marking the workpiece less than about 1600 (10 A 5mm high character calculation), can choose pneumatic marking machine

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