There's nothing that lasers can't do

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/02/18

There's nothing that lasers can't do
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Fiber laser marking machine: the right micro machining tool
In the hands of a skilled operator, the use of fiber laser marking machine for the latest progress of micro machining, can create desired characteristics. The main advantages of this method are: fiber laser marking machine is two to three times cheaper than the traditional equipment used for micro machining. The successful implementation of micro machining of small size requires not only the correct tools, but also the knowledge of how to use the tools to get the desired results.
Micro processing: can only see the results, can not see the details
Micro machining is the use of such standards as drilling, cutting, cutting and grooving to produce very small features. Actually does not have an official standard size to determine when an operation is micro processing, but a good rule of thumb is that without the aid of auxiliary observation tools, these features cannot be seen, or that you can only see the results, but can not see the details. In other words, you may not know what to do with the material to get a specific processing effect. For example, if you drill a hole of 50 m on a piece of copper, you will only see the light, but you can't see how big or small it is.
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