The winter solstice arrived, and ZIXU hit the mark maker to make dumplings together

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/12/25

The winter solstice arrived, and ZIXU hit the mark maker to make dumplings together
There are too many customs in China. The ZIXU factory recommends the Chinese custom. The staff of the ZIXU factory service department make dumplings together.
winter solstic
December 22nd is the winter solstice, the winter solstice is called winter festival, North and south of the customs, the north and south usually eat wonton dumplings, eat Glutinous Rice Balls customs. Not drug sibu. Yang weak in winter, very cold, for a year in the Yin Sheng, Yang weakest season. People with Yang deficiency often flow with clean water, cold hands and feet, easy to produce frostbite, and frequent nocturnal urine. This kind of person can be dried ginger, ginseng, aconite, pepper, cooked mutton and other food, 39 days is needed. At the same time also can take Jinguishenqi pill,
winter solstic
in order to Yang melhado. The first choice of warm food: chicken, lamb, beef, carp and so on. These are all delicious and can be used as a good supplement in winter. But eating too much food with warm supplement is easy to get on fire. Nourishing tonic foods, such as lotus seed, Gorgon fruit, coix seed, red bean, jujube, bird's nest, frog, tremella, liver and so on, these foods neither too cold, partial temperature characteristics, and the lack of non greasy stomach. There is a kind of nourishing food, which has the effect of nourishing yin and kidney, filling the essence and filling the pulp. Mainly include: fungus, Diospyros lotus, sesame, black beans, pig ridge, sea cucumber, turtle meat, turtle, abalone, etc..
Come and visit the purple sun factory and discuss the marking machine. Let's give you more of the charm of China.

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