The significance and application of automobile chassis VIN

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/02/23

The significance and application of automobile chassis VIN
The first three bits of VIN, called WMI (World Manufacturer Identifier), are used to identify the manufacturer's name and country of origin. Producing fewer than 500 cars a year, the VIN will use the word of the of the third, and will use the 12-14 to identify the first part of the second. Some manufacturers use the VIN third as a classification of vehicles, such as trucks or buses. Sweden Volvo car factory (Volvo) production of vehicles, for example, the car uses YV1, the use of YV2 trucks, buses and buses are using YV3.
In the United States and many other countries and regions in the manufacture of vehicles, vehicle identification number (VIN) is the only identification of its serial number. These numbers are like fingerprints of cars. They are not only useful for recording problems and records of all changes, but also for security. In this article, we will understand the location of the vehicle identification number, the meaning of the number and how to use the vehicle identification number to help prevent theft or understanding of a second-hand car before the situation.
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