The role of UV laser marking machine in industrial manufacturing

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/14

The role of UV laser marking machine in industrial manufacturing, with the continuous development of our technology, laser technology gradually mature with the development of science. Like industrial manufacturing, our laser marking technology also plays a key role, especially for laser equipment manufacturers, the ability to manufacture UV UV is particularly important. Laser marking machine. In the market, we can see the products processed by UV laser marking machine. It has penetrated into our lives, so now we will talk about the role of UV laser marking machine in industrial manufacturing.
In the production of industrial products, it is important to mark the outer packaging and information content of various enterprise products. Learn about the information content of these signs, registered trademarks, company names, small icons, company logos, etc., as well as the labels, bar codes, QR code pictures and dates people see on products in these aspects of life. Time, encoding, string, Roman numerals, English and other information content.
UV laser marking machine
The wavelength of ultraviolet light is 355 nm. The small spotlight and thermal influence (which can be considered as incalculable) make it super delicate, and mark the reaction effect with its unique material, which is suitable for these high-end fine processing and high-end processing. Brand manufacturing is an inevitable choice.
UV laser marking machine in the unique materials, fine and fine laser marking, fine and fine marking, as well as exquisite fine processing is incomparable to other laser marking machine. To fully analyze the logo information content of any manufacturing industry, it can be implemented very carefully, and has a particularly important use in logo manufacturing industry.
The principle of UV laser marking machine is realized by the disappearance of photochemical reaction. In other words, the high efficiency of the energy attached to the pulsed laser appears in the outer layer of the product or chemical reaction, which then generates the label. Somehow.
The existence of such information content is entirely dependent on the device, and can be designed according to the needs of customers. It covers a wide range of manufacturing industries, but because of this, it can be closely related to manufacturing. They are closely related to the rapid development of Chinese society.
UV laser marking machine is one of the types of laser marking machine. It is also one of the most important laser marking machines in the marking industry. It can help customers do simple or complex information content marking and parsing, which is very important for logo manufacturing industry.
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