The effect of laser welding is caused by many factors

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/20

Laser power and welding speed affect penetration and melting width, and then affect welding strength. When the speed is constant, the welding strength is the critical region.
When the power is lower than its lower limit, the intensity increases with the increase of power. This is because as the power increases, the penetration increases and the bond strength increases. When the power is greater than the upper limit of the critical region, the strength is opposite, and it decreases with the increase of power.
laser welding machine
In other words, high power burns off the alloy elements in the weld area, which reduces the strength and mechanical properties of the weld, and also leads to weld formation deterioration, and because of high welding, the surface hole increases power. Too high welding speed will reduce the welding strength, because the weld porosity increases, the effective bearing area decreases. The welding speed and laser power affect the welding depth together.
laser welding machine
The main function of laser welding machine is laser power density. Different materials have critical power density thresholds. In order to weld, the power must exceed this critical threshold to melt the material and achieve the welding effect. When the laser power is constant, the welding speed becomes the main factor affecting the welding strength, and the appropriate laser welding speed is the guarantee of the welding firmness.
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