The application of product identification QR code in furniture industry

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/10/26

"Products without anti-counterfeiting enterprises have no attitude, no attitude, no responsibility, and brands without responsibility are not called brands." it is said that Mr. Ma Yun said that this wooden furniture in the local market has the reputation of noble furniture, or has gone beyond the scope of furniture, it is equivalent to collectibles or even investment products. It's difficult to find and mine the collection without a certain vision, because its value has been repeatedly hyped by the market, but the market appears to be shoddy and disturbs the market. Two dimensional bar code tracing and anti-counterfeiting technical requirements for mahogany products effectively contain the confusion of the market, and the two-dimensional code of product identification once again protects the furniture industry.
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In view of the need of "two dimensional barcode traceability and anti-counterfeiting technical requirements for Redwood products", the Redwood industry will comprehensively popularize the two dimensional code anti-counterfeiting traceability system. When customers buy mahogany furniture, they can know the detailed information of the furniture, such as the place of production, date of production, material and introduction, by scanning the product identification QR code. Product identification QR code assigned by QR code tracing technology has the advantages of large storage capacity, high traceability, strong confidentiality, strong resistance to damage, strong operability and practicability, which can ensure the effective transmission of upstream and downstream information within the traceability range. The QR code traceability system provides guarantee for commodities, facilitates the circulation and re circulation of commodities in the market, and reduces trust. Ben. Fully guarantee the uniqueness of original furniture products and make the information between furniture and consumers more transparent.
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