The advantages of pneumatic marking machine in the metal

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/09/06

The advantages of pneumatic marking machine in the metal marking can adjust the depth of marking the English characters, the contents of the graphics input computer, computer marking software to change the content of the digital control signal, sent to the controller, driven by printing on the workpiece Continuous dot matrix composed of characters and graphics; needle in the X-Y two-dimensional plane according to the set of trajectory movement, while the marking in the role of compressed air under the workpiece in the surface marked by the dense
The benefits of pneumatic marking machine is through the lattice on the higher hardness of metal to complete online marking.
pneumatic marking machine

     Hand-held pneumatic marking machine is a stamping cylinder, after the high-speed cylinder driven steel font on the appearance of the object to stop marking. The type of marking machine structure compact, able to hand-held, but also to both hands. Very suitable for testing marking, marking and other areas of the station. Another pneumatic punching machine long service life, daily maintenance is simple. Low request for on-site hardware. Pneumatic portable marking machine with two-body design. Operation of the opportunity to head directly to the handheld, the alignment object to stop printing. Light weight, beautiful appearance. On the marking of large objects of the manufacturers, this machine and low price and sensitive, is your preferred product level of the preferred equipment.

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