The advantages of laser printers compare with inkjet printers

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2017/01/10

The advantages of laser printers compare with inkjet printers
zixu OEM metal Laser marking technology with respect to the mimeograph and inkjet technology is relatively late, but in a short period of time to occupy the market, certainly has its unique advantages.
Compared with the traditional marking process,metal laser marking technology has obvious advantages. First of all, the OEM whole sale marking speed is unmatched by traditional wholesale marking process, which greatly improves the processing efficiency; secondly,zixu metal laser marking machine marking patterns and words clearly, never wear, the line can even reach millimeter to micrometer, has strong anti fake function; third,agent laser marking machine is a non contact processing method, the thermal effect is minimized, to avoid deformation of the material processing; fourth,factory laser marking machine no consumables, no environmental pollution, once forming advantages for enterprises to effectively reduce the production cost and environmental pollution risk.
zixu provide factory wholesale OEM metal fiber laser marking machine. hope you can as our agent.
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