The advantage of optical fiber laser welding machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/12

German high-speed scanning galvanometer is adopted, with high speed, strong stability, fine spot and high precision
The welding control software is a technical cooperation between China and Germany, with simple operation, flexible editing, strong compatibility and good controllability
High power conversion and low failure rate of scanning welding machine
Welding can realize continuous operation, with small weld, firm welding and not easy to break
Different parameters and groups of different parameters can be adjusted according to the height and size of product welding range
So what are its unique advantages in industrial production?
It can realize spot welding, butt welding, stack welding and seal welding for thin-walled materials and precision parts.
Because of the high laser power, the welding technology has a good aspect ratio, small deformation and fast welding speed.
The quality is good, which is obvious to the welding personnel. It is flat and free of air holes.
laser welding machine
The user-friendly design, LCD display and button operation make it easier for operators to complete their work.
The working table adopts a rotatable system, which can not only realize spot welding, but also complete automatic welding such as straight-line welding and circumferential welding. It has a wide range of use, high precision and high speed.
The change of current waveform can be adjusted at will, and different parameters can be set according to different welding materials, so that the welding parameters and welding requirements match and finally achieve the best welding effect.
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